Friday, June 17, 2011

Sizzling Summer Styles of 2011

This summer, it's all about colors. Add some rainbow to your wardrobe this season, and you will definitley be the "hottest" one on the block!

This necklace is perfect for summer because of the variety of colors it contains. This is a huge benefit because it will match anything you plan to wear this summer. Either a cute tanktop or skirt, this necklace is an absolute must to own.

Dior ringEven though we may all dream about laying in the sun on a beach somewhere in Hawaii, you can make that fantasy become a reality with this chic ring. The blue petals in the middle make gems in the middle really sparkle. This ring is just "blooming" with style!

Dsquared2 sandalYou can never go wrong with corked heeled shoes. They practically scream summer and have a very warm, beach feel to them. The colors of the straps pop with the cork and will make your feet stand out in the sand. Make sure you add these to your collection of strappy sandals.

Ashish dressBeach scenes are a definite must for the summer. Anything with a tropical sunset or even something as simple as having a plam tree on it qualifies as "summer couture" People will be jealous of your paradise inspired look and will make you the most styling one at the beach...or even on the streets!
 To beat the heat this summer, try adding skirts to your wardrobe. Mini-skirts are always in will keep you cool, and are also the perfect choice to pair with your cork wedge sandals. A-line skirts are perfect for every body type and will make your hips look great!!

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